Your most frequently asked questions

In case the activation key (in the form ABC12-ABC12-ABC12-ABC12-ABC12) does not work, please follow the procedure below:

  • Take a picture or note of the licence supplied with the PC, on the back of the Getting Started Guide.
  • Take a snapshot, a photo or scan your purchase invoice.
  • Send these two elements by mail to sav@mgg-equipment.com
  • A new licence will be provided within 24/48 hours.

The monitor may be connected in the wrong place, it must be connected to the dedicated graphics card: these are the horizontal sockets.

New generation PCs no longer have a VGA socket. If your monitor has HDMI, DVI or Display Port sockets, we advise you to use another video cable. HDMI to VGA adapters are available on the market.

Yes, you can install any WiFi card in PCI Express. But the easiest way is to install a Wifi card in USB.

To remove the side windows of the PC MM2 Mini, you can follow the following videos: click here for the first video, and here for the second video.

Yes, our PCs are scalable.


Your most frequently asked questions

To enable Nvidia G-Sync on your Millennium display, follow these steps:

  • Check that your display is connected to the graphics card via DisplayPort
  • Activate the "FreeSync" option in the on-screen settings.
  • On your PC, open the Nvidia Control Panel (accessible by right-clicking on the desktop).
  • On the left-hand menu, click on G-Sync, then check the "Enable G-Sync" box as well as "Enable selected screen template settings".
  • Validate the settings by clicking on "Apply".


Your most frequently asked questions

Here are the most useful combinations:

- FN + F1 : Music app

- FN + F2 : Volume down

- FN + F3 : Volume up

- FN + F4: Volume Mute

- FN + F5 : Previous track

- FN + F6 : Next track

- FN + F7: Play / Pause

- FN + F8: Stop

- FN + F9 : Mail app

- FN + F10: Browser home page

- FN + F11 : Windows File explorer

- FN + F12 : Calculator app

- FN + Inser : Change RGB mode

- FN + left / right arrows : adjust RGB effect speed

- FN + up / down arrows : adjust RGB light intensity

- FN + Windows Key: lock / unlock Windows key


Your most frequently asked questions

You can download and manage your driver directly from the Intel website here